With summer coming up and the heat just keep getting crazier and higher, there is no doubt that you are looking for a solution to chase away the heat. If you are doing that, you have come to the right place. The best way to chase away the heat of summer is to swim. As a matter of fact, swimming has been proven to be one of the most popular outdoor sports that people taking up in the summer not only for its chasing the heat away but also for its health benefits as well

So what does swimming bring to you?

  • Swimming is an easy way for you to do recreational work out. In the water, there is not a lot of pressure to be put on your body, your muscle or your joint. As a result, you can exercise longer without suffering from a lot of fatigue like when you exercise on the ground like jogging or playing soccer. You just need to swim without worrying about whether tomorrow you will be able to get up from pain or not like when you do other forms of exercises.
  • You can take up swimming as long as you like. Unless you suffer from a broken arms or legs, you can just swim without care, even if you are old. As mentioned above, swimming is a low impact sport. As such, you do not need too much strength or effort to be able to swim to exercise as water is a good platform to reduce the stress put on your body. Therefore, even if you do not have the strength of a pro swimmer, you can still take up swimming as your outdoor activities
  • Swimming is a perfect way to building muscle as well. When you swim, your body will have to constantly act in a way that you can move forward in the water. As such, your muscle will gradually grow with time and you will have a nice body in no time. Moreover, research has shown that if you swim early in your life, you are going to be able to get taller. How amazing is that?
  • If you are fat, swimming is a good place to start on your journey to reduce weight as well. Unlike jogging or hiking where you will have to put a lot of strength to do (which can be quite tiresome for a person who do not exercise much), swimming is another story. You can exercise lightly every single day and after months, you can still get the body that you want. No stress, no sweat, just swim in the water and you can achieve the same result as you running days after days.
  • Swimming is a good sport that everyone can join in as well. As a matter of fact, you can have your children swim so that they can avoid obesity as well as becoming inactive, things that can easily happen if they just sit around watching TV or playing video games.


Having been a person that has an active lifestyle, I must admit that I am very interested in the trend of doing outdoor sport nowadays. As such, I have always been wondering: What are the benefits of doing outdoor sport? And today, I am going to present to you the fruit of my research: Every single benefits that outdoor sport can give you if you are willing to doing it regularly.

The benefits of doing outdoor sport are:

  • First of all, you are going to become a lot healthier in comparison to a person who do not do outdoor sport at all. As a matter of fact, research has shown that a person who exercise outdoor regularly are going to have a much longer lifespan with a right healthy diet. So how can this happen? It is due to the fact that with each time you exercise outdoor, you are going to make your blood circulation better, as well as stabilize your heart beat rate. Moreover, the amount of sweat get out every time you do outdoor sport is all the toxic in your body that need to be got rid of as soon as possible in order for you to be healthy. In addition to what I mentioned above, doing outdoor sport also help you enhance your immune system, which can prevent different types of sickness and illness. In conclusion, doing outdoor sport is one of the best ways to make yourself healthier and stronger
  • Second of all, doing outdoor sport gives you a nice body. With each minutes of jogging you take or each meter of swimming pool you manage to swim, your body are going to gradually get toner and fitter. As you exercise, each muscle of your body are going to help to work, which in turn produce muscle in your body. Therefore, if you ever want to be a model (for example), doing outdoor sport each day is a good way for you to keep your body in check for the job. In addition, as your body get more toned, you are going to continuously get the endurance to work as well, which is quite important if you have to work for long hours
  • Third of all, doing outdoor sport help you to feel less stressful. In a recent research, it is proved that light is one of the most popular factors in helping feel more relax and at ease and you can easily find light outdoor! Exercising outside is a way to change your inactive life into an active one, which mean you are going to smile a lot more and feel less stressful than sitting in front of your TV all day.
  • Forth, doing outdoor sport is a good way to increase your self-confidence. Researchers have discovered that people tend to be attracted to beautiful body and will strive to have that body in order to feel good about themselves. And what can give you a nice, beautiful body quicker than doing outdoor sport? With a body full of muscle, you are now going to be able to wear whatever you want in order to make yourself more beautiful and a target of people’s envy. That is one of the best dose of self-confidence that anyone can find.
  • Last but definitely not least, doing outdoor sport is certainly a good way to make friends. As you jog down the road in front of your house, there is no doubt that you are going to be able to meet people who share the same hobby in health and fitness as you. As such, you are now meeting new friends who you can talk to about what your goal with outdoor exercises is or what you hope to achieve after spending time exercising. Moreover, research has proven that people who exercise exude positive energy which is very attractive to other people. Therefore, with exercising, you are going to be able to find friends very easily and manage to enlarge your circle of friends in no time.

Above is all the benefits that I have managed to gather about doing outdoor sport. I hope after reading this, you will find the drive to take up outdoor sport just like me


As the popularity of hunting keep increasing, the number of people who decide to take up hunting as a hobby has been increased as well. However, hunting has never been a simple job despite what they are currently telling you on TV. It is one thing you see the pro doing it on TV, to do it on your own is a totally different story. Not every hunt is a successful hunt. Chances are you are going to have to go home empty handed quite a lot of times before you manage to get your hand on the prey you want, especially if you are a beginner in this kind of sport. The chance for a successful hunt can change dramatically depending on the elements that participate in the hunt. As such, the best way to increase your chance is to have a list of what to do for your own before the hunting season begins, which we will help you with in this article today.

So what can you do to increase the percentage of your having a successful hunting season?

  • First of all, the most important thing is to training your body for the upcoming season. As you may all know, the job of the hunter has never been an easy job. When the hunting season begins, the first thing you need to do is to set up your camp, which will take quite a lot of effort. Then, you are going to have to walk all the way to the place of your prey. Most of the time, the location of your prey will be pretty far away from your camp, which will require you to walk quite a bit of distance. In addition to that, after your managing to take down the prey, you are going to have to carry it a long way back to your camp. Normally, a normal prey would weigh around 100 pounds, which is quite a lot for a person having to walk miles back to where one camps. As such, the best way for you to have a successful hunting is to train your body to adapt to the endurance requirement first.
  • Next, you are going to have to practice with your guns as well. A gun, no matter how easy to use it can be, even if you own a high power air rifle, is going to be useless if you do not know how to use it. Therefore, when you have decided what type of gun you are going to bring along with your hunt, it is best for you to go to the shooting ground to practice with it first so you will have an easier time in the actual hunt. Even when you have learned how to use that gun, practice is still in order when the hunting season approaches. After a recess period of time when you wait for the next season, your shooting skill is going to be rusty more or less. Therefore, you need to practice with your gun a few weeks before the hunting season start so you can get you shooting skill back
  • Moreover, one of the best tools that you can utilize in order to make your hunt a successful one is to enlist the help of hound. They are great for tracking your prey and a great retriever if you decided to hunt ducks. However, in order to maximize the advantage of having hounds as your hunt partner, you are going to need to train them. This can be done by sending them to training camp which can be easily found online. In addition, months before the hunting season begins, you need to let them go out and exercise in order to get them in their tip top shape so that they can help you in an efficient way later on.
  • In addition to using hound, you are going to need to enlist the help of map as well. No one expects themselves to navigate their way in the wood alone without the help from a map. Maps are great tools for you to track your way to your prey, note down anything worth noticing on the hunting ground as well as find your way back to your camp after the hunt. Fortunately, maps are not hard to find at all. You can find maps of every single hunting ground in the office of the hunting ground or hunting equipment shop. Therefore, you can pick up a map that suit your need and you are good to go.
  • Finally, you need to get into the right mindset. Although hunting can be called a hobby, it is a competition between hunters as well. It is a competition to see who can bring back the best trophy and become the target of envy from their peers. As such, you should do everything in your power to make your hunt the best that it can be. Moreover, when everyone thinks the hunting season is a competition, they are going to have more drive to do well, which has a positive effect on the performance of each hunter. You should get into this mindset as well so that you can push yourself to do your absolute best with the upcoming hunt

Above are all the tips that we have gathered to help you have a successful hunting season. Hope you find success with this guide.


When do you need teambuilding?

When do you need to use teambuilding activities for getting the highest effects on our intended purposes?

Team Building is a realistic simulation activities and thereby, helps us simulate (quite correctly) how the fact that every individual and / or each group will respond to the impacts of working environments, which can actually imagine what will happen with these assumptions that are applied in the process of building team building activities.

Team building is a required course for most of the units that need to be coordinated work of individuals and different parts of the same organization. Teambuilding is even really necessary for the institution at which appear contradictory and lack of solidarity, cohesion and division members. Teambuilding is also necessary for organizations with multiple branch offices located in different geographical regions across the country and abroad. This is an opportunity for members to understand and enhance working relationships with each other.

This helps us to imagine a clearer case for the use of team building activities to achieve the main objective, which are :

– Develop an understanding of the work as a whole and thus sympathize with other colleagues in different departments, to whom ever is usually not entirely true impression of office and responsibilities of each other, resulting in less efficient or very poor general partnership

– Build a team that are closer together, more understand each other through many new aspects and by seeing the advantages of each other from the perspective that if only being encapsulated in four walls of the job , they never realize , which is often used to limit the potential loss of personnel in the future, this is a long-term purpose and is one of the important criteria of the HR department to achieve the goal of building friendly working environment and prevention of bleeding ability of human resources (retaining index)

– Prepare more carefully to major changes in the organizational structure, especially when there are important decisions related to cognitive or affect the behavior of individuals, leading to potentially clear reduces labor productivity of the unit.

– Transmit a message that cannot be said in words to each member of the unit, in which each person can understand the roles and responsibilities during their term, which actively regulate the behavior of individuals positively

– Develop a lifestyle for others and build a collective way of life to accept sacrifice or compromise for the common goal, whether is short term or long term

– Testing the philosophy of leadership, whether new management philosophy is the philosophy that are newly applied or has existed for years in the unit. The application of teambuilding activities are helping us to see whether the level of consistent philosophy of leadership has also promoted the fact or has begun to have signs of a shift in the nature of collective unit

Thus, team building activities are beneficial to all PARTICIPANTS. The most important thing of team building activities is the involvement and feeling the effects of it to change yourself. The benefits of this activity, the best thing of it, is the feeling after sitting thinking and sharing with each other, will always vary in the way that everyone recognizes. Each individual will see many lessons, much different picture when changing positions himself his thoughts for a long time or later, when each change vision, often through the change of location / functions of working, to see another lesson, a different picture of the people or works when looking back on the activities that he had participated in team building.


What is teambuilding?

Teambuilding appears in the world for a long time, in the late 20s and the early 30s of XX century. Elton Mayo (1880 – 1949), the first to study these activities, has enlightened the “active relationship between people” (Human Relations Movement).Decades later, more and more corporations as Genaral Motors, Saab, Volvo, Honeywell, Xerox, and Pratt & Whitney organized activities to demonstrate greater effectiveness of the “working in groups”. Since then, the group now began to think about the idea of establishing the group and apply high challenging solution for aims to build effective working group. And to these days, teambuilding activities are still the top concern in the development of global human resources and more and more popular in the big-size as well as small-size groups.

  1. What is teambuilding?

Team building is essentially a course (typically held outdoors) based on the different games for the students (participants) to experience before following situations based on the questions of teachers (facilitator) to draw the lessons learned on the job, in order to adjust the attitude and behavior of individuals while working together toward the common goals of the organization.

  1. What are the results of teambuilding?

After a teambuilding course, the meaning is often drawn:

  • Communicate with each other easily and more effectively especially for employees who are not in the same part in a company, or the same parts but having little opportunity to work together.Teambuilding help the participants to adjust their attitudes and behaviors more appropriate for individuals working together, together toward the common goal of the organization, enhance understanding, coordination, fit, improving communication skills, handling situations and effective in their work.
  • Practice to become team leaders through planning, organizing, assigning work, layout, arrangement of members and appropriate resources to guide the team to achieve common goals.
  • Based on the collective strength to create and offer solutions to solve the problem.
  • Get to know the personality of the other members of the team, the strengths and weaknesses of each person to the same supplement and work together better.
  • Forecasting, planning, risk prevention, handling unexpected situations …
  • Management and good use of corporate resources.
  • Develop a spirit of solidarity, mutual trust, healthy competition between your team together, recognizing “overall picture” and navigate to the overall success of the group companies.
  • Create a relaxing atmosphere, comfortable, happy just learning to reduce stress in their daily work.
  • In addition, depending on the nature of work and the requirements of the company’s leadership, teambuilding program organizers can be put into different meanings dedicated to the sales department, project, production …
  • The members understand the typical behavior, strengths and weaknesses of themselve and of colleagues, thereby forming the communication and coordination of internal efficiency. Through team building, the personality of the group members are revealed, that the leader can seize and plan better use of human resources.
  • The activities are designed to recognize leadership and cooperation, coordinated work of all the team members. By answering the secrets of teambuilding activities help the team increased the actual experience of the coordination and strategic planning.
  • The teambuilding activities designed to promote creativity, role allocation, collaboration and leadership of all participants, promote the ability to solve problems, dare to think, dare to do, accept the challenges.
  1. How to organize a teambuilding course ?

Generally companies often held teambuilding courses in conjunction with the tour or annual vacation. They will hire a professional unit in teambuilding programing. Once finishing Teambuilding activities, they will continue the company’s own programs.

The number of participants in Teambuilding is ideal for a class of 15 to 30 people working together in the same company. Teambuilding can be held for companies with 100 to 200 employees and participants, however, the organization must be very scale and detail.

Tools are important things that are indispensable in teambuilding programs. The more participants are , the more instruments needed so the teambuilding holder always need a staff to prepare and assist before and during the teambuilding activities.

The unit responsible for Teambuilding will host the program or can perform tasks of transportation, hotel for students.

Teambuilding can incorporate additional programs implemented in the gala dinner to create more joy, understanding and solidarity.

  1. How about the timetable and places of teambuilding activities?

Depending on the needs of businesses, Teambuilding time is usually from 1 to 2 days, mostly in outdoor areas with diverse terrain like a wasteland, pool, beach, mountain, forest …

Normally according to our experience, Teambuilding is best done at the resort where there are many different terrains to choose from. Currently in the south, the resort in Mui Ne – Phan Thiet and Phu Quoc, Nha Trang, Da Lat or in the Binh Quoi Tourist, Dam Sen, Van Thanh – Ho Chi Minh City is the ideal location selected.

  1. What is the function of the teambuilding holders ?

Facilitator (trainer): responsibility for the expertise of the program is the recipient of requests from business, designing an appropriate program before course to meet the requirements of the business. During the program, facilitators ask questions, guide students to discuss, exchange, share and summarize lessons learned after each game. Number facilitator depending on the number of participants. Average 1 facilitator can handle 50 students.

Assistant (adjunct): responsible for preparation course before tooling, transport and storage of tools, guidance and support games while performing students. The number of assistant is usually double the facilitator.

  1. What is the restriction of teambuilding programs?

Students are to backsliding on the winning excessive and forget the meaning of the study. Instead of building solidarity, some members may create divisions by dishonesty while playing.

Students are too enthusiastic and they can forget to glean meaning from the game.

The program organizating unit too much focus on many games that little mention of lessons learned from this game. This case occurs when the organizational units Team building is the travel companies that do not have good facilitator.

The venue does not fit the game was previously designed. To avoid this, the organizer should be examined first.

Teambuilding Games

Team building games are games that require good coordination between members under the command of captain. The game format will maximize the skills of teamwork and organizational skills, leadership for the participants. Here are some guidelines staged games of this type

  1. Cobweb
  • Content:

All members of the team have to go through the spider poison in the fastest time.

  • Rules:

Go across each Box on the spider is not over than 2 times

Don’t touch the spider that will ring a bell ;

  • Marks

Counting time (+ 100, + 90, + 80, + 70)

Break the rules : -5 / times;

  • Meaning

Making plans in a group; sharing the work in the group.

Sharing information in groups: exchange, members’ debate when playing


Building trust



-Using prepared 7-wood bars to take the whole team into a quagmire, with the condition that no member felling into the quagmire in the fastest time.

– Bringing along the whole 7-wood to the other side with the team.


-While playing, no members fell quagmire

– Standing at only prepared 7 wood bars


– Calculate the time to complete.

– Calculate the number of offenses and touching the fame of the bridge (-10d / error)

Meaning of the game:

– Discussion in the group.

– Solving problems of both groups.

– Detection of individuals in the group

– How to use the most appropriate resources of the group.

  1. Crossing the Red Sea:

This game is also often played for easy preparation of instruments:

  • Each team has 2 sheets of roki paper if there are 1 ~ 7-8 people in a
  • Rules of the game: The team used Roki sheets to move to the destination specified by the holders. Players do not step foot out Roki plate.


8 people can stand in one sheet.

Can get a small silver sheet to replace Roki.

  1. THE LOST match
  • Playing time: 3 minutes
  • Number of participants: Unlimited
  • Prepare props: Each team of 16 matches
  • The purpose of the game

Fill the empty time while waiting for gathering everyone

Motivating thinking

  • Form of organization:

Give each group of 16 matches

Ask each group to rearrange the salt used as illustration

Ask each group to take away 4 matches that matches the rest made up of four separate triangles.

The requirement is not a structural transformation of the image. Just be lifted to leave the match


Outdoor games for teambuilding

Outdoor games for teambuilding

Game 1: Trust the group’s members

– Purpose: Players have the opportunity to experience their trust to the same group, colleagues …

– Time: 15 minutes

– Venue: yard, large lawn or beach

– Number of participants: from 15-30 people

– Tools: without preparation

– How to play:

  1. Recommend that all players stand in a circle with a diameter of 2.5m – 3m.
  2. Invite a volunteer to do the first test in this game
  3. volunteers stood in the middle of the circle with his back to the inn, then ask the person keeping back and feet straight, leaning backwards fall. Management role will support him from behind. (Note: if the player seems to be afraid to lean backwards, management should support them early game. If the game seems comfortable in doing so, then you will have to wait until the game players down low and then catch, while supporting , you can leave hands about ¼ or ½ seconds and then continue supporting)
  4. If a player is comfortable the managing person can turn to the rest of the circle (the player’s foot position is located in the middle of the circle and people standing around not moving legs when transfer to other players in turn).
  5. Divide the guests into smaller groups (6-8 people a group) so that customers in turn have the opportunity to try the experience of going to fall in small groups.
    The manager invite people to come back to their place. Ask people to discuss:
    How do they feel when leaned back?
    What do they think of the people standing around helping them?
  1. Summarize the game and the opinion discussed. Emphasizing the importance of mutual trust when working together.

Game 2: Getting out of the battlefield

– Purpose: Players have the opportunity to show talent commander, solidarity, endurance overcoming challenges, hardships …

– Time: 15 minutes

– Venue: suitable organizations at the beach

– Number of participants: 20 – 100 people

– Tools: balloons, elastic cord, bamboo, gift 2 parts.

– How to play:

  1. The Organizing Committee dug a tunnel in the sand (about 4m long, 0.5m deep), placed above the bamboo fencing. Dividing people into 3 teams with 6 members in each team.
  2. When the starting signal, 6 people blow bubbles, tie with a rubber band, then prone to straighten legs with two hands behind the front legs sticking Scratch 2 bubbles and force into the front legs.
  3. Both teams have to grip the legs together and move by crawling on the sand (like the soldiers crossing the minefield) along the route has pointed out, to get under the tunnel, not to touch the bamboo stick.
  4. When the final person touch the destination , he leave bubbles to his team’s box and return to the starting line according to the old way. Which team contest ending in the shortest time will win.

-> The genius of the command will be of great help for the team in this game.

Ask discussion:

How can they win?

How do they feel when they are placed in difficult situations?

– Discuss the game finished: we need to emphasize solidarity, ingenuity and endured hardships. Emphasis on tolerance and ingenuity in their lives and work.

– Estimated costs for this game (200.000) Purchases bubble bag = 1? buy elastic column =? Bamboo bar = 50k = 100k gift

Game 3: Solidarity

– Purpose: Players have the opportunity to show solidarity, cooperation food ideas, mutual assistance in accomplishing goals.

– Time: 15 minutes

– Venue: large yard, lawn, beach

– Number of participants: 20 – 100 people

– Tools: each team has 10 plastic tubes (large, hard), 1 piece of plank, and two bamboo sticks, gift 3 parts.

– How to play:

  1. Planks are placed on the 10 plastic tube. Each group has about six people sitting on the board. Divided into five groups.
  2. When starting a signal, you will use two bamboo sticks to push the pieces planks, two people next to you move the plastic tube for 2 sit before to put on the board moving target. This game requires team members to coordinate very smooth to move the target board, from rowing boat, up to 2 people and 2 behind the front. (There may extend the game by giving each group bringing something on purpose, then the 2nd group continues to move brought the rest of the pieces to complete the picture or slogan. The team that finishing ahead will win, timed in case of multiple teams).

The managing person invite people to come back to their place. Ask people to discuss:

Is the game easy or difficult?

how to accomplish the task? … V v v

We then summarize the discussion and emphasis on mutual assistance in the work, complete solidarity goals.

– Expenses for the game about 500.000k


9 tips for excellent teambuilding skills

Team building skills is building working program in a group. This is a new culture in the workplace, bring value to mount the highly individualistic. In an environment of teamwork, all individuals understand and believe that thinking, planning, decisions and actions will be made better when all work together.

Whether you are a manager or an employee, teamwork and teambuilding skills are also important skills to help you to improve the efficiency of your work. Whether you are not in a leadership position, but a deeper understanding of teamwork can help you become a more competent staff, and give you more plus points in the work environment.

It is recognized, understood, and believed that: “None of us can be as good as gathering all of us together.” It is difficult to find an environment ignoring the way to work in a team.

In the United States, from school, family and leisure activities, desire to win, to be the best and to reach the highest peak is always top priority. Each worker is rarely promoted in an environment that highly appreciates the true collaboration. The organization continues to work and assess the individual, the ideas, knowledge and different experiences.

While there will still be a long time, the rated value of mutual cooperation are the norm. Anyway, you can still create “teamwork spirit” by taking some steps right. Actually, this is a very difficult task, but with enthusiasm and appreciation of the value of it, you can make sense of the whole team in your organization. To create this culture, you need to perform the following actions: The CEO must make employees understand that the way teamwork and mutual cooperation between them are really expected. No one is entirely owned a scope or a part in the whole process.

The success of teambuilding is when your team can accomplish greater tasks and work more effectively with a team of individuals with similar capabilities but work independently. Although you can create a connection between individuals in the team.

But there are two essential elements to improve work of the whole team.

  • The first factor is that all the efforts of each member towards a clear common goal of both teams. This depends heavily on effective communication in the team and harmony relationship among the members.
  • The second important factor is the diversity of skills and personalities of its members. That is when a person has the opportunity to maximize their strengths and compensate for weaknesses of teammates. That created an environment of balances diversity of personalities and perfect harmony.

Here are some tips you can apply to improve teamwork and team building skills in your team:

  1. Always ensure that all members understand the overall objectives of the team.
  2. Always make sure that there is absolutely clear in the tasks assigned to each member. Try to avoid duplication of tasks assigned. For example, if two employees are qualified and want to take responsibility for a job, you should try to divide the job into smaller parts separately and given the responsibility for each section based on the strong points, or weak points of each member.
  3. With these problems requires commitment and acceptance of the whole team, should try to promote the participation of the whole team in the decision making process. For example, take advantage of the offshore team meeting to discuss frankly the source of the potential options or optimal solution. What you want to achieve here is that each member feel their contributions in the final That feeling has been made clear, each member will be more readily agreed and commitment to the implementation of practical activities in the future.
  4. Ensure rotation of perfect information in the group, each member is always fully grasp timely information.
  5. Build trust with your members by creating an environment of openness and honesty. Be honest and straight body with your staff if you wish to have the same thing there.
  6. Create maximum opportunity for members to build trust and openness through teambuilding activities and events. Besides the official working hours, the communication between members will be improved if they had more time and experience in other social activities.
  7. Be careful with the problems that arise between individuals together. Delicately recognize them in time and try to resolve the suit.
  8. Do not miss any opportunity to increase incentives for your employees. Say thank you or give positive reviews to the achievements of employees.
  9. Do not try to avoid having to give negative feedback to the issues arising. Be candid as possible given the positive feedback.

It’s sure that improving teamwork and teambuilding skills is a challenge and requires a lot of time, but the reward is working to achieve effective team deserves it.